Project  >> Time table

There will be several stages:

  1. Translation and adoption of the quantitative questionnaire for each country
  2. First quantitative Wave (A): survey on victimisation, fear of crime and existent measures for prevention and victim services
  3. Qualitative focus-group-interviews with sexual victimised female students to explore more deeply risk-factors, possibilities for preventive and needs for help (participation will be asked for in A).
  4. Qualitative Expert-Interviews with practitioners of the university (equal opportunity commissioner, university administration, head of security), of the police and of local help services (focus on prevention and intervention).
  5. Development and implementation of measures for prevention (as far as possible)
  6. Second quantitative wave (B): National survey (representative N=about 20.000) with students from different universities (differing in size, campus vs. non-campus etc.) and at the same time second wave at the Ruhr-University Bochum/ Germany, Poland, UK, Spain and Italy. Evaluation of the first implemented measures as well as longitudinal findings on frequency of victimisation, fear of crime and long-term consequences of victimisation (also on the studies).