Project >> Questionnaire >> Responses - Quotations by female students on the survey


 Ruhr-University Bochum/ Germany: 

"Gut gemachter Fragebogen, ich hab den gern ausgefüllt, da gute Antwortmöglichkeiten vorhanden waren.
Good questionnaire, I was happy to fill it in because the options for the answers were good.

Ich finde den Fragebogen sehr sehr gut!!! So können Frauen über ihre Erfahrungen sprechen oder auch nachdenken, ohne darüber ausgefragt zu werden."

"I think the questionnaire is very very good!!! It helps women to speak or even just think about their experiences without being asked in detail".

"Ich finde es wunderbar dass so ein Test durchgeführt wird, das zeigt mir, dass es der Universität wichtig ist, dass ihre StudentInnen sich auf dem Campus wohl fühlen."
"I think it’s wonderful that this kind of survey/research/testing is being done. It shows that it is important to the university that their students feel at ease on campus."

"Ich wurde zum Nachdenken angeregt. Die Fragen waren gut gestellt. Sehr professionell gemacht! Ein großes Lob!"
"It got me thinking. The questions were well put. Very professional job! I am highly impressed!"

 Craców University/ Poland: 

„Myślę, że poprawa bezpieczeństwa kobiet jest bardzo istotna, ponieważ przykre dośwadczenia w kwestiach seksualnych wpływają na całe ich życie a w naszym państwie trudno jest o pomoc dla takich kobiet, ponieważ wstydzą się one o nią poprosić. Często nawet osoby im bliskie uważają, że wina leży po ich stronie.”
“I think that improvement of women’s security is very important, because unpleasant experiences in sexual issues influence a woman’s whole life. In our country it is hard to receive help because women are ashamed to ask for it. Often even close friends’ consider women to be guilty.”

„Cieszę się, że Uniwersytet Jagielloński postanowił zająć się sprawą przemocy akademickiej wobec kobiet, gdyż wydaje mi się, iż problem jest duży a do tej pory był ingorowany przez środowisko, być może z chęci ochrony pracowników Uniwersytetu.”
"I am pleased that the Jagiellonian University decided to address the issue of violence against women, since it seems to me that the problem is large and has so far been absent in the environment, perhaps from a desire to protect the employees of the University.”

„Uważam ze przeprowadzenie tego typu badań jest bardzo potrzebne i mam nadzieje ze ich wyniki pomogą ograniczyć przemoc seksualna wobec kobiet. W imieniu nas wszystkich dziękuje za podjecie takiej inicjatywy i życzę powodzenia.”
“I think such research is badly needed and I hope that these findings will help reduce sexual violence against women. On behalf of us all, thanks for taking this initiative and I wish you luck.”

 University of Keele/ U.K.: 

"As a researcher I consider scientific investigation an important part of a decision making process, necessary to introduce changes."

"This survey made me realise how we are able to place situations in the back of the mind and not give them any thought only for a survey like this to bring situations flooding back, and for those situations to now feel so uncomfortable whereas at the time you just brush them off."

"Easy. Good use of multiple choice. Good range of questions asked around the subject."

"I found this very helpful, and I am glad this is a step forward, for the safety of women."

 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona/ Spain:

“Me parece una muy buena iniciativa, y querría agradecer el hecho de que haya gente luchando y trabajando por mejorar la igualdad.”
"I think it is a great initiative, and I would like to thank the people fighting and working to improve equality."

“Sentí que, de alguna manera, estaba ayudando a chicas que podrían pasar por lo mismo que yo.”
"I felt that in a certain way that I was helping other girls that could go through the same as me."

“Realment m'he sentit bé, en algúns moments afloren sentiments no agradables, però les preguntes estàn fetes amb la delicadesa que cal. Gràcies per ajudar a conseguir un món millor.”
"It really made me feel good, during some moments there were appeared unpleasant feelings, but the questions were made with the necessary sensitiveness. Thank you for helping to make a better world."

“És cert que demaneu informació molt íntima, però l'anonimat sempre anima els tímids a parlar. Espero que això serveixi per ajudar a altres persones que ho estiguin passant malament per un motiu d'aquests, i que aquest petit "esforç" valgui la pena.”
"It is true that you ask for very intimate information, but the anonymity always encourages the timid person to speak. I hope this helps other people having bad times for this reason, and I also hope this little “effort” results are useful."

 Bologna University/ Italy: 

"Questo questionario mi è piaciuto molto e mi ha destato molto interesse."
"I really appreciated this questionnaire: it is very interesting!"

"Complimenti, il questionario è fatto molto bene, chiaro, semplice e veloce. Una bella iniziativa!"
"Congratulations! This questionnaire is really good, clear, simple and quick. A very interesting project!"

"Il questionario è stato utile per alleviare i problemi "silenziosi" delle ragazze che hanno subito simili esperienze." Complimenti.
"The questionnaire is useful to relieve “silent” problems of women who have suffered these experiences."