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Professor Dr. Thomas Feltes M.A.
Professor at the Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany. Chair of Criminology, Criminal Policy and Police Science. He is a lawyer and social scientist by training, and a consultant for International Organizations.
Thomas Feltes has published extensively (15 books and over 140 articles) on victim surveys, community crime prevention, sentencing, policing, and violence ( He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement (SAGE). His empirical research focus is on Community Crime Prevention, Police Use of Force, Domestic Violence, School Violence, Migration and Violence - always in a comparative, interdisciplinary and international perspective. He is the Editor of the "Police Newsletter", a monthly e-mail-newsletter on criminological and Police related topics with 6.000 subscribers from all over the world (
Thomas Feltes is one of the leading German experts in Victim Surveys and Police Research and has conducted victim surveys in a national and international context since the early 1990ies in more than 20 cities. His approach is interdisciplinary and prevention oriented, with focus on the individual consequences of victimization. His philosophy: research must result in practical consequences like prevention activities, or institutional reforms. Feltes is part of the Interdisciplinary Focus Group on Human Security at the Ruhr-University, a group of researchers from different disciplines, conducting research on crime, fear of crime and other aspects of human security in comparative perspectives. He is chairing the international Police Use of Force - Project (, and since more than 20 years he acts as an expert and scientific advisor for international organisations (EU, UN, OSCE) on Human Rights in policing in post-conflict societies, including victims rights and victim support.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Feltes